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  • China Sino-Science Hydrogen (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Sino-Science Hydrogen (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Sino-Science Hydrogen (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Sino-Science Hydrogen (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Sino-Science Hydrogen (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Sino-Science Hydrogen (Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd company profile
Company Details
Main Market: Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: Sino-Scienoe Hydrogen
No. of Employees: 100~200
Year Established: 2018
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
Customers Served: Edelman Hydrogen Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.;Shanghai Jie Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd.;Guangdong Taiji Power Technology Co., Ltd.etc

Sino-Science Hydrogen is an international company that develops key materials and parts of the hydrogen fuel cell power system and provides hydrogen power solutions.

Located in Nansha District,Guangzhou,as a state-level new district, pilot free trade zone and the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area,Sino-Science Hydrogen owns nearly 3, 000 square meters of R&D, pilot and production sites.

Sino-Science Hydrogen takes innovation as the engine,technology as the starting point and culture as the core to steadily promote the company's strategic deployment--to become a leading enterprise with independent intellectual property rights for hydrogen applications,give new energy vehicles a Chinese core, and export China's solutions for the world's hydrogen power.

The company’s main core product is a platinum-based catalyst, the core key material of the hydrogen fuel cell "neck". The catalyst is coated on the proton membrane to form membrane electrode components; the single cell structure consists of a current collector, a bipolar plate, and a membrane electrode. And other components.

Basic Principles Hydrogen enters the system and does not burn, but contacts the membrane electrode to produce an electrochemical reaction, which is directly converted into electrical energy. Hydrogen fuel cells are not batteries in the traditional sense, but generators.

More than 95% of the catalysts used in domestic hydrogen fuel cells rely on imports, and the supply schedule is 6-8 months; there are only a handful of domestic catalyst manufacturers, most of them are in the test stage, performance indicators need to be improved, stability needs to be verified, and commercial mass production It is even rarer. Our products break the import monopoly and have a short supply cycle. The company has approved 5 invention authorizations, 1 invention publication, and 5 utility model patents. More than 40 patents are planned in the near future.

We independently research and design core production equipment and automatic production lines. At present, the platinum carbon production capacity can reach about 10 kilograms per batch. The annual production capacity is 2,400 kg. The product has high cost performance, good stability, strong process adaptability, and the yield rate is as high as 99.9%, which is suitable for individual customization; product comparison, the same 40% platinum carbon catalyst has a 50% higher electrochemical active area than JM . Compared with TKK, alloy products almost double the indicators.

Our company's products have been fully tested and verified by users at home and abroad, such as SAIC JieHydrogen, Ballard, Wuhan Polytechnic Hydrogen, Edelman, etc. Our products have smaller and more uniform particles, and various indicators are better than those of internationally known brand. The benchmarking test performance curve on the right shows that the life attenuation is lower than that of competing products. This anomaly is precisely the unique formula and technological process of Hydrogen Power Zhongke’s multiple technical barriers that have built a firm moat for the company.


April 2018 | company launched.

November 2019 | company's first batch of catalyst (pilot production) successfully completed.

July 2020 | pt-based catalyst for hydrogen-based fuel cells won the "Outstanding Award" and the "Most Commercial Value Award" at the Third Green Economy Entrepreneurship competition.

August 2020 | hydrogen power in science and Technology Team Visit FAW Hydrogen Power Development Laboratory, establish a cooperative relationship.

Sept 2020 | at the 17th China Scientists' Forum, Hydrogen Power Zhongke was awarded the "China New Energy Industry, research, integration, innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base" , and was awarded the "2020 China's leading enterprise for high-quality development of science, technology and innovation" . Zhou Meilin was awarded the "2020 China's leading figure for high-quality development of science, technology and innovation" and was elected vice president of the China Scientists Forum.

November 2020 | Liaoning Fair signed a contract with Shenfu new area to build the SHENFU hydrogen energy industrial park project.

December 2020 | Hydrogen Power Zhongke "fuel cell platinum base alloy catalyst" project in 2020 Guangdong University Results Roadshow Finals won the third prize in the growth group (5/300)

2021 March | formally established strategic cooperative relationship with Zhejiang Hydrogen Airlines, signed long-term purchase contract 2021 April | established strategic cooperative relationship with Agile Property

2021 April | obtained strategic investment

2021 May | through IOS9001 and IOS14001 quality management system certification,

2021 | hydrogen wing technology launched in partnership with HYDROGEN CRAFT CORPORATION LTD. Airlines to develop special hydrogen powered unmanned aerial vehicles


The company is an international partner in the development of key materials and components for hydrogen fuel cell power systems and in the provision of hydrogen power application solutions, And so far,most of our products have patents!

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Our Advantage Service:

1,we have our own development and design team, to ensure our own technology and innovative products for customers!

2,For any customer who has a new idea for some product, just let us know, we can provide a unique product design according to your idea!

3,For customers who send US samples, we will design and develop better products according to the samples!

4,For each customer, we will choose the most suitable material and also the innovative material for their products!

5,We are manufacturers, factories, so we have the ability to mass produce!


So if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Fedex is our good partner, can guarantee the fast and safe delivery to the customer's hand.


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Our Team

The company has a full core technical team, Lee Jim Yang, member of the Singapore Academy of Engineering, is a member of the editorial board of many internationally renowned journals and has been dedicated to the research of fuel cells and lithium-ion Battery for more than 30 years, dr. Jianhuang Zeng is one of the world's leading scientists in the field of energy. As CTO, Dr. Jianhuang Zeng has been engaged in basic research and application development of hydrogen energy and key materials of fuel cells, especially electrocatalysts, for 20 years. Other members are domestic fuel cell links in the young and middle-aged experts.

Strategic Operation Team: Mr. Zhou Meilin, the founder, graduated from a Communications College of the PLA, majoring in communications command, engaged in military higher education management and government work for more than 30 years, with strong management and coordination ability and risk management experience. Zhang Fan and Zhou Chengguo serve as chief investment officer and financial adviser, respectively.

Equity Structure: The company is made up of actual controller Zhou Meilin and three partnership holding platforms, the first platform is the investor holding platform, the second is the technical team holding platform and the third is the management team holding platform.

Corporate Competitiveness: Sino-Science currently has 35 employees. The core products are platinum carbon, platinum cobalt, and platinum nickel catalysts. The differentiated competitive advantage is obvious, and the delivery capacity is 10kg/day. The core team is continuously optimized to enhance core competitiveness.